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St. Germain's Glass Co. has the solution to your fogged or broken insulated windows. Get quality insulated glass windows featuring two panes of glass that have a space in between, reducing temperature transfer to keep you comfortable and SAVE you money.

Is your window foggy or cloudy? What happens is the seal fails around the spacer and moisture gets in between the glass panes.


Let us take care of this for you by replacing the insulated glass for energy efficiency.

We can perform this work at your home, or you can bring the window right to us.

If one of the panes of your glass is broken, this can be replaced by our professionals.


Most of the time the glass can be replaced without the need to replace the entire frame, which SAVES you money.

Add energy efficiency

Cost-effective replacement

Call 218-628-0221 today for a FREE estimate today. We can come out, take measurements of your insulated windows, and start the process immediately. When you need new glass to protect you from the elements and beautify your home, you don't have to wait. Count on our PROMPT service.

FAST and reliable insulated glass replacement services