Our wealth of expertise sets us apart

Materials and time are crucial yet unpredictable factors impacting glass installation for commercial or residential purposes. Managing these factors optimally is vital for ensuring successful outcomes. 

For more than a century, St. Germain’s has been delivering premier architectural aluminum and top-quality glass installation services. Our esteemed reputation as an industry leader stems from our dedication to refined processes, insights gained from historical challenges, and a deep understanding of best practices in architectural glass and aluminum. This extensive heritage significantly benefits our clients, keeping us at the forefront of structural glass and aluminum installation services.

Here’s what a century of practical knowledge and job-specific experience has taught us: 

  • Ask the right questions. The St. Germain’s installation team combines meticulous attention to detail, strategic thinking, and a customer-centric approach to deliver optimal results for every project. Leveraging our extensive experience in various types of glass installation, we may not have all the answers, but we know the right questions to ask to ensure clarity and efficiency for your project. Experience the expertise of our diligent glass installation team with St. Germain’s. 
  • Think ahead. At St. Germain’s, our commitment to excellence starts from day one of your project. Through comprehensive planning and preparation, we strive for successful installations delivered on time and within budget. As your trusted partners, we proactively manage potential supply issues, coordinate specific timelines, and address any hurdles that may arise during the installation process. This dedication to proactive problem-solving and superior project management sets us apart, making St. Germain’s the ideal choice for hassle-free installations. 
  • Be a problem-solver. In the construction industry, overcoming unexpected obstacles is routine. That’s why partnering with proficient problem solvers like St. Germain’s is crucial. We specialize in providing efficient solutions rather than assigning blame when facing potential project challenges. Our installation teams are seasoned experts, agile, and wholly focused on ensuring the success of your construction project. With St. Germain’s by your side, tackling construction challenges becomes less daunting. 
  • Safety first.  We are committed to creating a work environment where our team members feel safe and valued, fostering strong relationships with co-workers, clients, and trade partners. With a safety-first mindset, we adhere meticulously to safety standards, whether we’re working at great heights or ground level. We never compromise when it comes to the safety of our dedicated team. 
  • The right people for every stage. Our expert installation teams excel in operating specialized machinery, preparing building openings for installation, and precisely placing heavy glass sections. We lead the field, providing highly skilled and collaborative solutions to all installation needs. 


Trust St. Germain’s for superior quality aluminum curtain walls, modern office towers, internal office partition systems, and artistic staircases among others. Our skilled glaziers are dedicated to delivering top-notch glass installation services, guided by St. Germain’s core values: We Show Up, We Bring It, We Do It Right. This is why when it comes to professional glass installation, St. Germain’s is a trusted name.


Are you planning a commercial or multifamily development project that needs interior or exterior glass or architectural aluminum? Engage St. Germain’s at the beginning of your project to kick-start production and utilize our comprehensive services. Our offerings include design, fabrication, distribution, installation, and support throughout the entire project life cycle – making us an ideal resource for your construction initiatives. Begin the process with St. Germain’s today for your architectural glass and aluminum needs.

Ready to help

Looking for expert advice on glass installation? At St. Germain’s, we provide valuable understanding backed by real-world experience. Our team can help you navigate concerns such as raw material lead times, weather-proofing plans, last-minute structural changes, and installation logistics. Turning to St. Germain’s ensures seamless, expert-guided glass installation. Make us your go-to solution for all glass installation needs.